The Dutch East Indies Campaign


The Dutch East Indies, today Indonesia, was the region of one of the Pacific campaigns during 1942. It was here that the Dutch East India Company held a reasonable source of oil. As Japan's oil supplies were drizzling out, they sent their army to occupied the oil rich regions of the Dutch East Indies.

The Dutch East Indies Campaign began soon after Pearl Harbor. Japanese troops approached Borneo, the largest island in the region, where the Allies had stationed only a few Dutch and British troops. In the month of December, Japanese troops steadily advanced further into Borneo. By the end of January 1942, much of Borneo had fallen including Balikpapan.

The Japanese army was also advancing further elsewhere in the Dutch East Indies. In Celebes and Molocus, they sustained their victories as both fell to the Japanese army in 1942. Japanese troops also landed at Sumatra, where they occupied oil refineries at Palembang as well as key Allied airfields. On the eastern side of Java Japanese paratroopers landed at, and occupied, Timor.

Their troops gradually island hopped their way through the region, and occupied airfields which further expanded Japanese aircraft range. With additional airfields the Japanese air force stepped up their aerial bombardments. Japanese aircraft bombed Allied troop convoys, supply ships and other warships out of the water. In February, hundreds of Japanese planes swarmed across Darwin targeting Allied shipping in port as well as aircraft.

But the Allies still held Java where they had thousands of troops. To occupy Java, Japan sent an invasion fleet which was to transport approximately 35,000 soldiers to Java. Japanese destroyers and cruisers provided naval cover for the transport ships.

On 27 February, an ABDA (American, British, Dutch and Australian) fleet did indeed intercept the Japanese escort fleet at the Java Sea. It was there that Japanese warships wipped out much of the ABDA fleet. The ABDA fleet was initially dispelled, and the Imperial Japanese Navy intercepted those warships that did make an effective withdrawal soon after. The Battle of Java Sea ensured that the Japanese invasion fleet reached its designated target, albeit a little later than planned.

In March, Japanese troops landed at Java. During this period, they landed at three points along Java's coastline; and from there there they advanced further inland. The Japanese had both naval and air superiority for the Battle of Java. Although the Allies had a numerical advantage, without adequate air and naval support they could not hold Java. By the 5 March the Japanese troops occupied the capital Batavia. By the 8th the remaining Allied troops surrendered to the Japanese in Java.

With the fall of Java, the Japanese had effectively won the Dutch East Indies Campaign. The Allies evacuated what troops they could shortly after. The campaign had been a great victory for Japan as they absorbed the Dutch East Indies into their empire. After the fall of Java, the Japanese army headed eastwards toward New Guinea.


10 Most Popular Rentals From Netflix


If you're a Netflix member, you've no doubt come across the tab labeled "Netflix Top 100" before. This interesting feature lists the hundred most popular films on America's leading online rental service. If you want to know what your friends and neighbors are renting, this list should give you a good idea.

While I do not have sufficient time to look at all 100, I did want to touch on the top ten current rentals. This should provide you with a number of options the next time you decide to rent a film online or at the local video store.

Crash (2004) – Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, this Paul Haggis ensemble piece takes a look at racism and other social issues in the city of Los Angeles. The film presents a number of individual stories, but much of the fun comes from watching the characters get drawn together thought events both uplifting and tragic. The fine cast includes Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle, Brendan Fraser, Thandie Newton, and Terrence Howard.

The Blind Side (2009) – Another film starring Sandra Bullock, this time as real-life Leigh Anne Tuohy, a strong-murdered interior designer who takes in a teenage runaway (Quinton Aaron) and helps him turn his life around. The young man, Michael Oher, would go on to play football for the Baltimore Ravens. A feel-good movie that's appropriate for the whole family.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) – Mixing elements of fantasy and drama, this David Fincher film was nominated for thirteen Oscars. Brad Pitt stars as Benjamin Button, a man who ages back while learning about life and love in the 20th century. Co-starring Cate Blanchett and Taraji P. Henson.

The Bucket List (2008) – An inspirational comedy about living every day to the fullest, it stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson as a pair of terminally ill men who embark on an eye-opening journey around the world in order to fulfill their deepest desires .

The Departed (2006) – Martin Scorsese finally captured a Best Director Oscar for his tale of an undercover cop (Leonardo DiCaprio) who infiltrates the Irish mob and a mobster (Matt Damon) who infiltrates the police department. When both sides learn they have a rat, it sparks a desperate race to forget the traitors. Co-starring Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Vera Farmiga, and Ray Winstone.

The Hurt Locker (2008) – Winner of Best Picture and Best Director at the 2010 Academy Awards, this war movie follows the dangerous lives of demolition experts serving during the Iraq War.

Iron Man (2008) – Robert Downey Jr. shot to superstardom in this film adaptation of the title from Marvel Comics. After being captured by terrorists, billionaire playboy Tony Stark builds a suit of power armor and uses it to fight evil and tyranny around the globe. Co-starring Jeff Bridges, Terrence Howard, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Sherlock Holmes (2009) – Robert Downey Jr. stars as the legendary detective, and he's joined by Jude Law as the steadfast Dr. Watson. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the film pits Holmes against a British nobleman (Mark Strong) with seemingly supernatural powers.

No Country for Old Men (2007) – This Joel and Ethan Coen film won Best Picture at the Oscars and tells the story of a Vietnam veteran (Josh Brolin) who finds a satchel filled with drug money and winds up being pursued by a psychotic hitman (Javier Bardem). Tommy Lee Jones co-stars as a Texas lawman who gets drawn into their cat-and-mouse game.

Gran Torino (2008) – In perhaps his last acting role, Clint Eastwood gives a memorable performance as a retired, bigoted auto worker who suddenly becomes an unrecognized neighborhood hero after standing up to a local gang.

Head over to their website to view the entire Netflix Top 100, and enjoy a number of pricing plans and streaming options such as Starz Play. With Blockbuster having declared bankruptcy, this service is now the undisputed king of online rentals in the United States.


How Much Do Things Cost? Three Keys to Find Life More Affordable


We were flying from Baltimore to San Francisco recently and decided to send our bags through with the airlines. Now that the airlines charge for bags (this was not Southwest, unfortunately) the price for my husband and me was about $ 75. It was worth it with the change of planes and the amount of carry-on we had with us.

We noted about the freedom that comes with just saying "yes" to these expenses, and we reminded each other that our mission is to inspire others to say "yes" to their expenses. The $ 75 to the airlines is a big number, or a small number. It depends on what your reference point is. For us, thank goodness, it was a small number.

About ten years ago I had a client who home I went to for private yoga instructions. Her husband had made some investments in the energy sector that went sour to the tune of millions of dollars. A friend of mine was their personal assistant. The woman, my client, was singing the blues about not being able to travel, about maybe having to discontinue the private yoga lessons, and how awful everything had become. My friend revealed to me that this couple was down to their last twelve million dollars . Perception is not always reality.

What about you? Have you allowed your finances to rise, like a river bed, to match your desired expenses? Have you allowed the " what you have " to swell to match and sometimes except the " what you want? " Or are you in a situation where just about everything seems so dang expensive, relative to the allowance you have to participate in life?

I was walking my dogs this morning and thought to take my little one to the groomers. That is something I really enjoy doing. I remember many years ago resisting taking my dog ​​to the groomers because it was too expensive. Is not it interesting how prices can go up, and if we do work that generates plentiful financial support, we can become more able to afford them?

Millionaires are created in the direct marketing profession. In his book entitled Go Pro , Eric Worre states, " It's a stone cold fact that we have a better way ." If you are moving up the ranks and enjoying the lifestyle that you came here for, congratulations. Yours is one of those lives being changed. If you see around you that prices seem to be coming down, know that you are moving in the right direction. You and money are on track. This is the freedom to which we refer.

If things still seem so dang expensive, here are three things you can to do improve your situation .

  • Find out where you need to adjust your actions and thinking.Your thoughts can be supportive, or they can work against you. Your actions can be in line with your stated desires, or you might be under your own efforts. Which is it for you? The answer will lead you to know where to focus.
  • Pay attention when you deem something as "too expensive" or you "can not afford it." Might that be an opportunity to open the faucet to allow more in? Focusing on the increase will get you better results than focusing on the lack .
  • Seek opportunities. Every day there are people with what you can connect and learn. At first you get our of your own way. What comes after that is being behind yourself. Move toward your dream every day.

You were asked to identify these dreams when you first started. Are not they worth fighting for? This is your call to freedom.