Gather the Rate Information From an International Moving Company


Time to move, but this time it is not around the corner from mom and dad, it is not across the country, it is across the ocean. The first thing you think about is how you are going to move your entire life to another country. You need to call an international moving company to gather rate information. You search the web, you call different companies. You find that it is going to be even more difficult to move overseas than you thought.

Each international moving company has very different rates to the same location. You realize that you can not even take your hair dryer with you. That is fine; it may be less expensive to obtain the necessary electrical equipment while you are in your destination country. Your computer, after all you would not have gotten this job if you had not been surfing the web late at night.

You search long and hard for the right adapters for your computer. Finally, that is settled. Your pets, oh goodness, are you going to be able to get your goldfish and hermit crab over there? They are your constant companions after all. You call the international moving company of your choice to see if they have any information.

You have decided that Goldy and Herman will be going to live at your brother's house. In addition, the washer, dryer, large flat screen television and other appliances will live in your brother's garage until you get back. Clothing, toiletries and other basic items will have to be sorted through.

Finally, the packet of information on making transatlantic moves arrives. You realize that you have forgotten to update your passport, immunizations, and several other key items. Panic sets in as you only have two weeks left to get it all together. You rush to the doctor, local federal office building and the post office.

Everything goes well until you get to the post office. You need to put a change of address in but have no idea where you will be living. So your mail will go to live at your brother's house as well.

Five days left until your big move. The international moving company calls and requests if you are packing your belongings or if they need to send packers in to help. You think for a moment and decide to pack things yourself. They offer to ship your car for you at a special rate so that you do not have to purchase transportation while there.

You consider it but outfitting your car to drive on the wrong side of the road will cost more than buying an inexpensive European car. So you decide against shipping your car. It goes to live at your brother's house.

The big day arrives. You have not packed a thing. Your new boss calls to tell you that they are providing a furnished flat, transportation and a line of credit to help you get started. You call the international moving company, confirm your final arrangements and grab your suitcase which is packed to get you through the first few days. The day has finally come and you are off.