Flood Recovery and Water Cleanup For Baltimore, MD


Built at the mouth of Patapsco River, Baltimore's close proximity to Chesapeake Bay proved to be both a boon and a bane for the people of this Maryland city. Baltimore Harbor, located in this Mid-Atlantic coastal city, made it convenient for water-related industries to flourish, attracting both immigrants and investors. Entering the list of America's "comeback cities" in recent years, businesses in this city are boomed with the emergence of new prime-rate hotels, great shopping centers, and grand office buildings.

However, Baltimore's location has listed it as one of the major cities at risk for hurricane damage and the resulting disaster problems. Several cases of flooding have hit the city in recent history, prompting the necessity for water cleanup Baltimore, MD programs to be established.

Last September, a tropical storm raged across Northwest Baltimore, bringing in torrential rains and subsequent flooding through most of these areas. The heavy rains caused the Jones Falls River to overflow, uprooting trees and flooding roads and nearby communities. Homes and businesses were flooded creating nightmares for owners, particularly when the sirens rang prompting everyone to leave. These addressed to severe water damage to homes and buildings, signaling the need for water cleanup Baltimore, MD to take place.

Residents say that this was the worst storm they've seen in over ten years. The rate the waters rose prompted city officials to take extra precautionary care and be on an extreme lookout for people trapped in homes and buildings. This includes people in cars where most fatalities have previously occurred. National statistics show 86% of flood fatalities occurring in trapped vehicles, so city officials warned communities and travelers against driving through flooded roads and areas.

For business owners, they saw their hard-earned money washed away by the flood, together with the trash and debris that made a mess to the entire community. What they needed was an immediate water cleanup Baltimore, MD recovery program to restore their business and minimize their losses.

A day after the storm, residents gathered and saw for themselves the power of water and Mother Nature as homes and businesses were damaged from the flood. Homeowners, who transferred valuable furniture to buildings when storm warnings were alerted, stood in shock as they discovered these buildings were not spared from the flood and provided little protection for their valuables. After damage assessment, water cleanup Baltimore, MD can begin.

Part of the water cleanup in Baltimore, MD includes cleaning out of parking lots which were waist-deep in water during the flood. Now that the floodwaters have receded, mud and dirt remained which have to be cleaned up, brushed off and hosed away. Roadways also needed cleanup work as trees, vegetation and water-damaged vehicles blocked the roads from traffic. This created more heads for home and business owners who needed to get everything back to normal. They can do so through the water cleanup Baltimore, MD program efforts.

City officials, homeowners and business professionals pooled resources to make the water cleanup Baltimore, MD as efficient and successful as possible. They did so in clear efficiency, typical of residents of great cities, to pave their way back to full recovery.