The Favorite Receivers Of Baltimore Colts Quarterback Bert Jones


Bert Jones is routiniously brought up in discussions about quarterbacks who were both great and vastly underrated. Jones played on some Baltimore Colts teams that did not have a lot of other star players on the roster. Still, he performed at a high level and lifted the entire team with the quality of his play. Due to back injuries, he did not play as long as he probably could and still was effective, but his career was a success on an individual level if not on a team one.

While it's true that the time during Jones' stay with the team was not the franchise's most successful, it's also true that it was not due to lack of effort on the part of the quarterback. Whether throwing the long bomb or scrambling around, buying some time, and finding the uncoached man, Bert Jones was something really special to watch. During his career though, the bulk of which was spent with the Colts, who were his favorite receivers?

Here is a look at the top receivers based on how many touchdown passages Bert Jones thread to them.

# 1 – Roger Carr (24)

# 2 – Glenn Doughty (16)

# 3 – Lydell Mitchell (13)

# 4 – Don McCauley (12)

# 5 (Tie) – Ray Butler (10)

# 5 (Tie) – Raymond Chester (10)

Bert Jones thread to a variety of receivers during his career, and each of them played a large part in his success. Fans of him knew that watching Bert Jones meant that they were going to see a show.