Playoffs For the Baltimore Ravens?


Coach John Harbaugh sees a bright future for his Ravens. They have a good chance in getting to the playoffs by improving their standings of being a wild card in the AFC playoff race. The Baltimore Ravens admit that they are in the hunt, yet they have their focus on the next few games that need to be won in order for them to actually get in the playoffs.

Even if the team had a sweet taste of victory, they are still improving their efforts to be a better team than the last. Coach Harbaugh is directing his team along a single way and that is to get in the playoffs which they have been trying to work on for the whole season. Any excitement they have felt due to the last victories that they experienced is tempered because they still have a lot of challenges to face in the future. Neverheless, even if they encounter defeat they are still willing to become a better and stronger team the next time they are out in the field.

The Baltimore Ravens believe that as a team they have the responsibility to do what they have to do and that is to improve themselves game after game. This is their way of looking back and giving credit to one another in the event of a victory. Further, the thing that brings that Ravens one victory after the other is each of the team members' killer instinct and the teamwork and trust they put on each other's ability.

Great football players in a good team will always have consistency and lessen their mistakes as the game progresses. With a defeat looming ahead, these players will always have a way of turning the tables and end up winning. This is what the Ravens have done for most of the time and have come a long way since their meager performance last year which led to the termination of longtime coach Brian Billick.

But because of the upset of 2007, the Ravens have finally come to their senses and are taking each step one at a time, facing challenges as they come team after team, week after week. Everyone is excited in the outcome of the season and if things go according to plan then the Ravens have a very good chance of getting into the plays.

One thing great about the Baltimore Ravens is that they know that they control their fate as to the games they are playing. The climate is not so much of a problem since they have declared in the past that they are building a team that can withstand winter with a strong defense strategy. And that is what they are concentrating on now, to get by the games on November and December so that they will have a greater chance to get into the plays in January. But that may be too far off because the Ravens have the power to surprise their fans, much more so their opponents.